“Kairo is reading like a champ” AKA gushes over his daughter Kairo’s reading.

Every parent wants to see their children progressing, having a bright figure and being independent. It means and shows that as a parent you are doing a good job. Atleast in one department you would know you did your job. It’s one of those little things you want for your child.


Rapper AKA is a busy man with his music and other things. But most importantly he is a father to seven year old Kairo. The rapper makes sure to be present for his child and never misses any milestone. We saw him and his baby mama celebrating their daughter’s birthday together. That’s how determined he is to raising his child.

He is smitten with his little princess and is not afraid to show it. He has shared a video of her reading. The rapper is clearly flexing on us. For a seven year old, she’s doing pretty good. We don’t blame him for being proud.