Kairo Forbes matches with her grandmother in recent post, leaving their fans gushing over them.

It literally takes a village to raise a child. We are used to first children becoming close to their grandparents because they are raised by them, while parents go to work. This goes to show they our parents have our backs no matter what happens in our lives.

AKA is famous and very talented. Which is no surprising as he has his mother by his side. Lynn Forbes is more present in Kairo Forbes and AKA’s lives, like they are toddlers. They are even more happy when she’s around. We love the bond that she shares with her granddaughter Kairo. She’s doing an amazing job with her.

These two are the cutest glammy and grandchild vibes. Everything they do is just cute. They started with matching tops, now they have gone for more outfits. They both look amazing. Kairo is way too smart for her age. She seems to be enjoying playing match with her glammy.