Kabza de Small’s Ex-girlfriend is getting married see his reaction to the news

South Africa best Amapian producer Kabza de Small get trolled by her ex girlfriend on Instagram today, after she had announced that she is getting married, how ever what Necole did or said to Kabza its a sign of proving a point.

Kabza de small Ex-girlfriend Nicole Mayeka is getting Married, see how she spite attention from Kabza de Small.

She getting married to one of the richest guys in Pretoria, the focus is currently not on the man she is getting married to but what she said to Kabza de Small.



She posted that Salang le di DJ a very disrespectful words to another man, who she was in love with bad all off a sadden she bad moth DJ’s as a matured man Kabza didn’t react but but shared an emoj of a broken heart.

They were once in love and all happy until they broke up, breaking up does not mean talk bad about ex boyfriend but heal and move on or make peace with your fi al decision break ups happen every but mostly people move on without causing a scene.

Musa Khawula shares another gossip about the scorpion King Kabza the small and his ex girlfriend on Twitter, one is expected to wish another a happy life ahead but not saying that they should see them selves with dj because she had found a man willing to marry her.

Drama continues on social media and remember to always follow our page we have a lot, to share About celebrities news together with another interesting gossip in South Africa today we are on Kabza’s reaction towards what Nicole said and it is a mature way to respond and spare you self the peace.

It was not necessary for him to respond to what she said about him.