Kabza De Small shares his drip fashion attending KOA launch party in Polokwane

Kabza De Small was on his beautiful drip and on his way to Polokwane. He loves dripping very much, as much as he loves music. He is being called the King of Amapiano, hence he is having a tour called KOA. At the moment, he is traveling under the KOA part II. He is now known internationally with DJ Maphorisa, who was travelling the world without the Scorpion Kings tour.

Recently, DJ Maphorisa was in Greece without Kabza De Small. That is, he is currently traveling alone as Maphorisa or Madumane. Kabza De Small whose real name is Kabelo Molotha, had his humble beginnings. Now he is on top and one of the biggest stars in the Amapiano genre. You can’t speak of Amapiano without him.




He made it to the the massive billboard in Times Square, New York. At the moment, he is still in South Africa and performing around the country. He does not travel alone and he loves happy times. When it is time to attending gigs, he is focusing on it. When he is in the studio, you will be able to tell by his social media posts going live or by watching his video clips on social media platforms.

When it is time to be with the gents, he will be with them and share some good moments. He loves talking a lot and you can’t forget to see him having a disposal in his hand.He loves it in one particular colour, which is red. Surely he only wants the red colour when he buys. All these things are the ones he loves to do.

Sometimes he is reported by social media rumours that he may be dating someone because they were seen at the same location. Specifically, or most of the time, they are coming from where he is performing. But he is unconcerned about the social media reports and is, at best, preoccupied with his own lifestyle. That is why he is also focused.