Kabisi takes matters into his own hands. He wants Tracy out of Mazwi’s life and out of Moroka Media

After Kabisi found out that the person who was dating Mazwi is Tracy, he got mad. He didn’t appreciate the way Mazwi hurt Fikile with her friend and employee.


He then drafted a contract that stated that Tracy would get R500 000,00 if she left Mazwi alone and resigned at Moroka Media. He then called Tracy in the office and gave her the contract. Tracy was offended. Kabisi told him to think about it over the weekend.

After weekend, Tracy met with Kabisi at a restaurant and told him that she will not accept his offer. Kabisi was amazed that Tracy turned down a lot of money for Mazwi. That proved to him that Tracy really loves Mazwi but he still doesn’t approve of their relationship.

He believes that Fikile is the right woman for the Moroka Family. Tracy left him there. She told Mazwi what had happened and Mazwi told Kabisi that he had no right to be meddling in his personal life.

Source: https://twitter.com/Gen_legacy/status/1583442991892545536?s=20&t=JgFiaJWiZQITpLqVb6hPIA