Kabelo Koma joins Black Motion replacing Murdah Bongz

Murdah Bongz is replaced in Black Motion by Kabelo Koma.Despite everything that suggested the opposite, South African musical duo Black Motion attempted to deny the news that the group had split.

Murdah Bongz has been replaced by Kabelo Koma, who has joined Black Motion. They even teased that they were still working on music and other campaigns.Nevertheless, it is now confirmed that Black Motion has ended its relationship, and Kabelo Koma will take Murdah Bongz’s place alongside Thabo Smallz.




Prince Kaybee, an industry artist, posted on Twitter that Black Motion had split up.Numerous individuals placed the blame for the breakup on DJ Zinhle, making the issue a social media trend.According to them, Murdah Bongz’s wife’s female DJ has been whispering to him about starting her own business.

The group denied the report and assured their fans that the duo was still alive and well.They even prodded another collection they said they are chipping away at and will deliver soon.Because of this, Black, Motion were able to win over fans and make them eager for the duo’s next work.

A solo album by Murdah Bongz reached the top spot on streaming services.The album was well-received by fans, and all of the songs on his debut album received positive reviews.The split rumors were dispelled by the musical duo a few weeks later.After the album was released, the news that Black Motion was no longer popular again went viral, but Murdah Bongz fans didn’t care because they were enjoying her work.

Watch the video of Kabelo Koma being introduced as a Black motion member below:

Black Motion appeared on our screens for an interview after being invited to SABC News.Kabelo Koma joined Thabo Smallz as the other half of Black Motion, replacing Murdah Bongz.As the new musical duo, the two talked about their work and were shown to the world.When Thabo Smallz performs, their primary focus is on drums.Kabelo will take over Murdah Bongz’s oversight of Black Motion’s DJing department.

The reactions of fans to the news that Thabo and Myurdah Bongz were already working independently and were no longer performing together.Taking to Twitter to share their thoughts, many fans expressed that they are not surprised that the duo has officially broken up.Since it was clear where the group was going, many were arguing that the team’s initial denial of the rumors was pointless.Because Murdah began working as a solo artist while she was dating DJ Zinhle, others continue to assert that he broke up the group.

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