K.o Responded To A Student Who Drew His Portrait That Left People Amazed On Social Media

People were amazed when a celebrity’s portrait appeared on social media and was commented on.

Every now and then, countless artists emerge in an effort to establish themselves in the field. What better way to do this than to display their talent by creating portraits of well-known celebrities.

Celebrities like Black Coffee and Drake have been observed becoming overwhelmed by self-portraits created by up-and-coming artists.



The issue is that not all of these artists are consistently that outstanding; in South Africa, we have “Rasta” and other artists that frequently receive bad comments on their artwork.

On a recent post, however, a young man who is allegedly still in high school created a portrait of a celebrity that was so excellent that the actual celebrity couldn’t help but respond.

As we can see on the post below, students are dressed in their school uniforms next to a picture of Mr. Cashtime, aka “K.o.”

The rapper responded by saying that he will be sending this young man a direct message.

His official Twitter account K.O MrCashtime ” went on to sharing this portrait which was done by ” Kiddah LOCO@kiddah_loco ”

On the 25th of September 2022 around 10:18 AM