K Naomi’s daughter leaves her fans gushing over her with her cute bow.

As people we are all hard workers and want to be successful in life. There are just some people who become better versions of themselves after having children. Their will to become succeed becomes stronger. That’s one of the reasons why children are a blessing from God.

Television presenter and model K Naomi Phakathi is living every woman’s dream. She’s had one of the most beautiful life stories up until she married her husband Tshepo. They made sure they become a family and have a beautiful wedding ceremony. The couple got married days back in a beautiful traditional ceremony. Their friends and family was present.

For the first time since she gave birth to her daughter Baby P. K Naomi shared a picture of her revealing her face. The bow on her head had her mother and her fans gushing over her. She looks very cute. She’s definitely her mothers child.