K Naomi Phakathi shares intimate moment between her husband and their children

Marriage is a sacred thing between a couple and their families. It is not only about a couple but their families as well. It is beautiful to see people getting married because it means that they are ready for the next step in their relationship. Marriage has been painted lately, hence when a young couple gets married they inspire others.

When you say you love a person, you means everything about them. Which was not a surprise when television presenter K Naomi Phakathi welcomed her husband’s son. The couple has had their dream wedding the past couple of months and the past weekend.



She’s been sharing pictures from her big day and we are obsessed. In one of the pictures, they went for a Nigerian theme. The colors were white and they had their little princess Baby P. She wore a dress that matched her parent’s outfits. K Naomi definitely had her perfect wedding.