K Naomi and her husband leave their fans speechless with recent picture

Having a lifetime partner means, gone are the days of doing things solo. You and your partner literally become one. Which is something the elders preached during your wedding ceremonies. Your partner becomes your life. People must get used to seeing you and your partner together.

K Naomi Phakathi is living most women’s dream lives. She’s happily married to her bestfriend and has a children with him. She found her husband having a child and the child culturally becomes hers. These two go everywhere together. They are our favourite couple so far. With baby P being cuter than both of them.




They are attending a wedding and are dressed in matching black and white outfits. Their beads are beautiful. These two compliment each touch so beautifully. We are not surprised that their fans couldn’t stop gushing over them. They nailed the look. Baby P is blessed to call them mom and dad. This is the content we signed up for.