JUST IN: condolences pour in for former Scandal actor, following a loss of hus unborn baby

Even though death visits us everyday, it is something that we will always never get used to experiencing; as it hits us harder each time it visits.

South Africans as well as most ETV scandal’s most loyal viewers, were left shattered and heartbroken- after the unfortunate news of Hungani Ndlovu(who played Romeo medupi), as well as Stephanie Ndlovu who played the character of Receptionist, Ingrid.

According to various media reports, the couple has unfortunately had a miscarriage and lost a baby that they were expecting. The news broke out after the couple shot an episode on their YouTube channel, addressing their most loyal fans; and then went out to release a statement on their facebook page:




“We have unfortunately had a miscarriage. This is a story that we wanted to tell for a long time, not for views and ratings but because most women often go through miscarriages, and it is a very lonely and painful journey. It is irrelevant as to what stage we were in, the loss hit usnvdry deeply. Our hearts go out to all those who have experienced the loss of pregnancy” said Hungani Ndlovu on his social media handles.

We would like to take this moment to wish the couple the strength to recover from this loss, losing a child is not easy, and hopefully they will be able to get through it And try again when the time is right.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/100044543614726/posts/pfbid03hTfx87xbgkpysWq33k5GoYgfmJMWRUsAkZyYfBbUxbThcBLBy5j8XkgeeVANBBxl/?app=fbl