Just Got MARRIED ❤R70 at Home Affairs, invest the rest.

We are well within wedding season, a couple which trended on social media this weekend has shown just how inexpensive it can be to be husband and wife.

Images of them walking out all smile from their local Home Affairs with a caption: “R70 at Home Affairs, invest the rest”,

Social media users shared their views of on getting married at the Home Affairs:




“I stand by this 🙌🙌🙌🤞🤞“ – Kea

“Imagine all the drama you’d have to go through ,just to get married at a SA home affairs🤣🤣 getting sent home because you forgot some documents” – Dorian

“Use the rest to build an empire for you and your children” – Gift
“No critics, no haters, no fakers..simple.😅” – Kgaugelo

Getting Married at Home Affairs in 5 Easy Steps:
A couple from Cape Town Zanie and Jono, also chose the route of going straight to the Home Affairs to get married, and shared these quick steps on the pin-book blog.

Step 1: Go to your local Home Affairs office and request to make an appointment. You will need your ID, your partner’s ID number, and your preferred date. You will receive a slip with your confirmed appointment.

Step 2: On the day that you are to get married, arrive 30 min ahead of your appointment. The process requires the signature of two witnesses, but no more than 6 guests are allowed in the proceedings. Make sure both parties, as well as the two witnesses, have their ID documents with them.

Step 3: Get married! The official will escort your party to a private ceremony room, talk you through all the legalities. They’ll take your signatures and fingerprints. Some officiators will allocate time for the exchange of rings and vow if you require it.

Step 4: You will receive a marriage certificate, free of charge (this is called form BI-27), and the officiator will register the marriage on the National Registry. Should you require an additional or abridged marriage certificate, you can request one from Home Affairs (by filling in form BI-130). The first abridged certificate is free of charge, with additional copies costing R75.

Step 5: Celebrate! You are legally married!