Just 365 Days After His Death, Killer Kau’s Girlfriend Allegedly Moves On & Marries His Friend

Just 365 days after his death, Killer Kau’s girlfriend allegedly moves on & marries his friend. A lot of people on social media saying that we should probably leave her alone because she is a young woman.

That this is exactly what she was supposed to do in the first place, she cannot be in a situation where she is waiting forever who is she waiting for because her boyfriend has died.

Now of course social media users have taken this and are talking about how this is definitely a serious problem, and we cannot have such situations happening.



However, we must all acknowledge that it is his decision and she is the one who has to live with it every day and remember her past with Killer which is definitely unfortunate since he has died at a very young age.

Social media users do not want to hear any of that they want a situation where she is a woman who is going to be celibate probably for the rest of her life, so that she can honour the spirit of her fallen boyfriend.

This is definitely something that different types of people engage or live with; it always depends on an individual about how long they want to mourn their loved ones after their deaths so it is not something that is uncommon.

Although what has caused many people to wonder to themselves about the whole situation is the fact that it did not take more than a year before his death, for this young woman to have moved on with her life.

She seems to be someone who is determined to continue her life and there is no one who can really say anything to change that, especially since the person she was in love with had died in an unfortunate accident.