Julius Malema is in trouble after claiming that the late Queen Elizabeth was a murderer and a thief.

Around the world, people are reacting to the news of the death of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II. It’s unfortunate that many people continue to hold grudges against Her Majesty, who is regarded by many as one of the greatest queens in history.

It includes EFF leader Julius Malema. Those who disagree with Malema’s plan to eradicate white supremacy from Africa often find that he takes a hard line.



Yet another of his comments has been met with widespread backlash on various social media platforms.

In one of his addresses, Mr. Malema stated that EFF party members were innocent in the death of Queen Elizabeth. He accused Queen Elizabeth II of being a murderous thief who smuggled precious metals out of Africa to use in her crown.

In his own words, he was saying:

Since we have no ties to the “so-called Queen,” as Malema put it, “we do not weep the passing of a colonizer and murderer who came and killed our people and who was flaunting a stolen thing on her head.”

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