Julius Malema finally receives his painting from Rasta…..How do u rate it from 10?

The art world is currently abuzz with discussions surrounding the latest work by the artist known as Rasta. His recent painting, a depiction of the prominent figure Julius Malema, has ignited a flurry of reactions online, with many debating the artist’s unique approach and intentions.


The painting has been described by some as selective in its portrayal, suggesting that Rasta’s ability might vary depending on the subject. Others have humorously warned the artist to ensure accuracy in his depictions, hinting at past controversies surrounding his work.

Further adding to the debate, it was noted that while many leaders often receive posthumous portraits from Rasta, Malema’s painting was done while he is still very much active and in the public eye. This shift in tradition has been seen by some as a call to recognize and honor notable figures in real-time, rather than posthumously.

There’s also been speculation about Rasta’s intentions behind his art. Some believe his approach might be a deliberate marketing strategy, as he consistently manages to stir conversations and get people talking about his work, whether in praise or criticism. On the other hand, there’s a belief that when it comes to painting celebrities, Rasta often adds a comedic twist, further fueling discussions about his artistry.
Regardless of the varied opinions, one thing is clear: Rasta’s artistry, particularly his depiction of Julius Malema, has made a significant impact on the online community, bringing art and its interpretations to the forefront of digital conversations.