Julius Malema caused a stir after he said this about the death of DJ Sumbody. See what he said

DJ Sumbody (born 9 June) whose real name is Oupa John Sefoka is a South African disc jockey and radio presenter popular for his hit songs, Ayepyep and Monate Mpolaye.

The Ayepyep hitmaker was reported dead this morning, after he was shot dead in Johannesburg. The reports says that Sumbody was driving on Woodmead road when a gunman sprayed his car with rain of bullets , and he sadly died on the scene.

Now, as fans and friends are sending their deepest condolences, they were joined by the president of the EFF, Julius Malema.





Julius Malema, went to send his regards to Sumbody and said that he failed him. Malema went to blame Malema’s death to the government and said that it’s run by Mafias, and Sumbody is the victim of the Mafia state.

“Oupa, we failed you. Like many others, you are a victim of a mafia state, failed state. Robala mfanaka mara I’m not ok. 💔💔💔”, says Malema.

However, this went on to backfire on Malema as South Africans went to attack him saying that Sumbody was killed by Zimbabweans whom Malema is defending to stay in this country. Some went to say that he was killed by the Mazzotti Mafias who are best friends with malema.

However some people went to defend Malema saying that the safety of this country is in the hands of Bheki cele and Ramaphosa and they are the ones to be blamed for Sumbody’s death. While some people want to say that Sumbody himself was involved in gangs himself and we shouldn’t blame anyone.

“Julius, you promote anarchy and lawlessness, you are for the millions of illegal Zimbabweans committing crimes in SA, you disrespect the President – this is the result of @EFFSouthAfrica hooliganism!,” a tweet said.

“This was a targeted hit, not a robbery. It could be Oupa was involved in dodge deals but hey you never know. Don’t come for me I have fits,” another tweep added.

See how people reacted to this tweet below: