JubJub wishes his baby mama Kelly Khumalo, happy mothers’ day despite their differences.

We are always advised to keep things to ourselves when we are angry because the aftermath is not always good. We end up saying things that we don’t mean and later regret it. Unfortunately words are something you can’t take back. So many people have had their lives changed because of the things that they said.

Jub Jub is a rapper and television presenter. He is amongst one of the most talented people in the industry. He has presented on Uyajola 99, which was loved by viewers. Sadly his personal life has always taken centre stage.






The rapper has a son with singer Kelly Khumalo. He has claimed that he hasn’t seen his son Christian. Him and Kelly Khumalo have not been on speaking terms since their break up. He has done and said things that he can’t take back. Knowing her she won’t even acknowledge his post. We don’t blame her as he tends to offend her sometimes.