JubJub In Hot Water For Allegedly Insulting, Threatening His Business Partner

JubJub in hot water again, for allegedly insulting, threatening his business partner

The Uyajola99 have and a rapper Jub wind up moving again after new data about him were uncovered. Jub is in serious trouble after one of his colleague have raised a whine about him.

As indicated by the source Jub’s colleague named Keabetswe Mokoena have drafter a letter with her legal counselors requesting that Jub quit offending her utilizing her mom’s reproductive organs. As indicated by the source Jub has been sending dangers and offending messages to Keabetswe Mokoena by means of WhatsApp where he call her free and a bitch.




As indicated by the source, this isn’t whenever Jub first was blamed for maltreatment by her colleague. A source uncovered that he has recebtly been blamed for misuse once more and the mishap occurred in Moses Kotane Expressions Celebration. The occasion is supposed to happen this approaching end of the week and Keabetswe Mokoena’s attorneys have asked the occasion coordinators to eliminated Jub as she currently feel undependable around him.

As indicated by the source Keabetswe Mokoenabare both working and their are colleagues and the two overseers of their organization called Raah Establishment.


Uyajola99 watchers have likewise been whining about his conduct in the show during the showdown of the show. A ton of Watchers has been calling JubJub to be eliminated from the show subsequent to seeing that he is mishandling the expected miscreants and exploiting them.