JubJub in hot soap after busting into a bedroom of a man and his mistress

The notable Moderator of Uyajola9/9 along with his colleagues are in hot soup after they had really attacked/busted into a room of a man who was having decent time with his special lady.


Certain individuals have spoken about the way of behaving of Jub as being nonsensical in light of the fact that they accept that he ought to regard individuals’ protection in any event, when he is taking care of his responsibilities.

This man is somebody who couldn’t care less about what individuals will say however long as he finish his work and that is the thing other South Africans love him for.

A few others truly accept that the way that this man can jump in, where others are in the middle of laying down with one another and afterward choose to try and get inside with cameras is more hostile and ought to be taken intense.

This TV program is more similar to “con artists” which is normally finished in America.