Jub-Jub’s mother demands answers from Amanda DuPont

Mom Jackie, Jub’s mom, was as of late hauled into the discussion encompassing her child and the assault charges evened out against him by various ladies. Presently, she has approached with her side of the story, to emphatically shield her child.

A voice note has arisen that is supposedly of Jacqueline Maarohanye, also known as Mother Jackie making some noise about Amanda Du Pont. In the brief snippet, she says that the Skeem Saam entertainer once called her to tell her she was pregnant with twins. She further says that Amanda can’t pivot now and call it assault when she and Jub were together for quite a long time.

“For what reason did you not open a case?” she stances to Amanda in the sound. She additionally requests to realize what befell the twins that Amanda was purportedly pregnant with. Further she is inquiring as to why Amanda didn’t answer to her folks that she was being attacked in case that is the thing that it was.


She is additionally tending to Masechaba Ndlovu’s charges that Jub assaulted her in Mother Jackie’s home. In a test presented to Masechaba, she has vowed to distribute photos of her home as it thought in those days, assuming Masechaba can effectively portray the area wherein she says the attack occurred.

Tweeps are faltering from this most recent turn of events, as Mzansi is divided into halves with regards to how it affects the case going ahead. The way things are, Jub will carry the law to Amanda and Masechaba’s entryways, with an interest letter requesting that they withdraw their public assertions.

Some tweeps are acclaiming Mom Jackie for defending her child, and saying that it is actually what any mother ought to do. They accept she has the option to do it, particularly since she was likewise involved as an accessory in her child’s supposed violations.

Be that as it may, other tweeps feel like they are not astonished she protected her child, whom they actually think about a lawbreaker. They accept that Mother Jackie is “the explanation he turned out this way”, and that she showed him since early on never to confront ramifications for treating ladies horribly.

Others are removing the two issues and think it is both off-base and idiotic for Mother Jackie to come out with such a proclamation. They accept there is such a lot of guardians don’t be familiar with their youngsters, and it is humiliating for her to be so vocal when she doesn’t have a clue about the full truth by the same token.

Right now, it is indistinct whether Mom Jackie will be seeking after any further lawful activity like her child is doing, particularly since she was named by Masechaba and others as an accessory and a victimizer. What’s without a doubt, is that this isn’t the last we will be hearing from her and her child.