Jub-Jub said he was cheating on his Fiancée. Look what else he said he uses her for? Read more

Molemo “Jub Jub” Maarohanye is accused of disloyalty by his fiancée, Tumi Mthembu (35).

Maarohanye apparently lives with Zenith “Zee” Mia at Johannesburg’s Eye of Africa golf and residential complex.

Mthembu, a senior TV account manager, said she dated the rapper for 19 years and waited for him in prison.

Mthembu produced proofs of payment ranging from R2000 to R50,000, demonstrating she financed the star’s extravagant lifestyle for years.



“Being here angers me.” I’m supportive. I’ve forgiven him for Amanda du-Pont, Kelly Khumalo, and the rest. I thought he wanted to grow this time.

Her words:

I paid him visits in jail and the stables. I’d visit his relatives. He’s my friend. His birthday behavior was the last straw. I realized he never loved me but was using me.

Mthembu, who has media ties, said she rebuilt Maarohanye’s public image in 2017 after he completed four years of a 10-year prison sentence for culpable homicide.

His public wife isn’t his wife. She’s another of his girlfriends. Not her. She says she’s his major partner because that’s what he wants us to think.

“He places a ring on your finger and says you’re engaged.” He urged me not to share our photos online because he didn’t want his future bride to be publicized. So I thought he was with me, but he was just dating both of us.

Maarohanye hosts Moja Love’s Uyajola 9/9, which exposes cheaters.

Maarohanye thought Maarohanye was dating other women, but her worries were confirmed when a celebrity friend told her about the lady he was living with.

Before I knew he was living with another lady, he told me I couldn’t go upstairs. He said he was going through a traditional healing process and was ordered not to let a woman inside his bedroom. She said, “I don’t know about traditions, so I let it go.”

The rapper proposed to Mthembu with a diamond ring in December, after Du-Pont and Masechaba Khumalo accused him of sexual assault.

Mthembu stated she discovered he lived with a lady during a video conversation when she saw women’s undergarments in his home.

A few days before his birthday, he video-called me from the shower. As we talked, I noticed pink underwear in the background and requested he zoom in.

I assume he saw me and insisted they were scrub gloves, not underpants. He stopped the call fast.

“My instincts told me something was wrong, but I couldn’t determine what.” He’d borrow my car and leave it for days with his phone off. Also, I wasn’t permitted to sleep over, which was unusual because he’s always been able to do so at her house.

“He doesn’t have money,” Mthembu said. He’s carless. He’s broke and uses women to live. He wanted to look rich. He’s residing in another woman’s house. I inquired how he got a house so quickly after incarceration. Moja Love only earns him R170,000, which goes to debt. I paid for one of his autos, ”

She gave him R100,000 for a business on his birthday in June.

“He said I’d be proud of him since he was sick of asking for money.” He said he’d show me his shop. He hung up when I deposited the money. The next day, he said his supervisor directed him to attend a photoshoot, said Mthembu.

Screenshots of Maarohanye and Mthembu’s last text messages on his birthday show the singer asking for R100,000 to acquire stock for his firm.

In another screenshot from that day, the pair argued because he had canceled plans to spend his birthday with Mthembu because his CEO had scheduled him for a photoshoot in another region.

“My dad was disappointed in Aubrey when he got the email,” he wrote. Wanna see? Why was it called off?

“When you work, everything comes to a halt,” he continued. Why is working a problem?

Mthembu said, “I heard a woman’s voice last night; therefore you hung up.”

Maarohanye hadn’t reacted to inquiries supplied through his Moja Love publicist, Nonzwakazi Cekete.

Story teller approached him about the upcoming season of his show earlier in the week, and he stated he was excited.

If I have to reveal a cheating spouse [on the show] this time, I’ll use a helicopter. People claim I won’t get into estates or gated communities, but I’ll land anywhere I can.

Once I get there, I’ll expose your cheating. We’ll eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner together if your partner contacts me. The time of day matters, he joked.

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