Jub-Jub Left His Fans Happy After He Stood Up For This Lady After Her Husband Did This

Jub-Jub Left His Fans Happy After He Stood Up For This Lady After Her Husband Did This






Jub Jub almost lost his temper as he tried to protect this lady from her husband who was threatening to him live in national tv during the confrontation. The second episode has left everyone sad and fear that something might happen behind the camera.

Jub Jub has Stand up for this lady who recently wrote to him seeking help. This come after her husband threatened to kill her saying she is digging her own grave. Jub Jub has asked his crew team to try by all means to get the protection for this lady. The lady has warn the girlfriend that if anything happen to her, she should know that it’s her boyfriend.

Jub Jub has threatened the man saying he will get raped in prison if ever he got arrested since he has been in prison before and he still have the connections inside.

Many people were left happy after Jub Jub reacted to what the husband was saying. The lady immediately took off his promise and wedding ring and gave it to him after realizing that he does not even feel sorry for what he did.

A Lady wrote to Jub Jub because she suspect that her husband could be seeing someone. She said he has been insulting her of being a slut and sleeping with different men’s. The lady has been married to her husband for 10 years and they have three kids.

The lady caught her husband with another woman during the confrontation time with Jub Jub. The husband took his wife’s car to see his mistress. The man has threatened to kill after he has been caught cheating. Mzansi is convinced that this man is not from South Africa and people has been calling the police to arrest him with immediate effect.

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