Jub-Jub Left His Fans Happy After He Stood Up For This Lady After Her Husband Did This

Jub Jub almost lost it while trying to defend the woman on national television from her abusive husband. After the tragic events of episode 2, many viewers are worried that even worse things have occurred off-screen.

The JubJub posseses Help the woman who sent him an email crying for help. Her husband had previously threatened to kill her by saying she was making plans to bury herself. Jub Jub has given strict orders for the rest of the employees to protect the lady at all costs. If anything horrible occurs to the boyfriend’s girlfriend, the woman has told him he has only himself to blame.

Jub Jub has a history of incarceration and contacts within the prison system; he has threatened the man, implying that he will be raped in jail if he is ever apprehended.


Jub The news of Jub’s reaction to the husband’s words was met with relief and gladness. Since he doesn’t appear to care about the results of his actions, she removed his wedding and promise ring and gave it to him.

Jub Jub received a letter expressing worry that her husband was having an affair. She said he called her a slut and other derogatory insults because she slept with multiple men. The couple has been married for 10 years, during which time they’ve had three children.

The wife had a glimpse of her husband with another woman during the heated debate with Jub Jub. The husband took his wife’s car to visit his lover. The dishonest person has threatened to kill everyone involved after being caught. Lots of people in Mzansi have called the cops to say they’re pretty sure he’s not from here.

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