Jub-Jub Hugs White Lady In #Uyajola99 But His Fans Are Not Happy After They Noticed This

A white woman just went to Uyajola99 to catch her unfaithful spouse, and Mzansi has been feeling bad for her. After a woman saw her husband naked in bed with another woman, many viewers found today’s program to be a deeply upsetting and heartbreaking experience.

As you might imagine, the woman was devastated to see her marriage crumble in this way. No one will want her with three kids, she sobbed, and Jub Jub was moved. A lot of Jub Jub’s supporters and devotees were apparently upset when they saw the video of him embracing the White lady. A Twitter user by the handle of @Lloyiso Elloi replied to this by saying they’ve never seen Jub Ju hug a black woman the way he did a white woman.


Jub Jub Hugs White People, But We’ve Never Seen Him Hug Our Dear Sisters Who Went Through The Same Problems” He put pen to paper and

Once Jub Jub sees that the woman is putting herself down, he gives her a big hug. The Jub Jub have assured her that she is lovely, and that God will provide her a new husband who will adore her and her three children.

Saddened by her discovery of her husband’s infidelity, the mother of her three children asked for a divorce after 15 years of marriage. Disappointment set in for the guy after Jub Jub saw him nude with his girlfriend. Dominica, the lady, knew about the sidekick but assumed they had broken up.

Source: Hashtag #Uyajola99 Twitter page and Dstv MojaLoveTv channel 156