Jub-Jub Has A Good Heart || See What He Was Spotted Doing That Left People In Tears

Molemo Mahooronyane is a South African award winning musician popularly known as Jub Jub. He is one of the celebrities who are said to be influential in the country. He was released from prison in 2017 after being sentenced for killing four pupils after his car crashed on them. Losing such young innocent children in such a painful way must have been the most heartbreaking moment for their famillies. He is also a television presenter who gained more fans after being released from jail.

Immediately after getting out of jail he decided to give it a try in the media and entertainment industry of South Africa. He gave hope to those who no longer believed in themselves and most importantly helped them to gather their strength back. It is not easy to be accepted by the community when coming from jail as some people get to be judgemental and live ib fear becsuse of things done in the past. But he kept on going and finally got to be a presenter of ” Uyajola 99″ .




It is one of the shows that had millions of viewers countrywide. A year ago he was exposed of being abusive and forcing himself to the popular award winning actress Amanda Du-Pont famously known for her role of Lelo Mthiyane on Skeem Saam. She is also a television presenter and businesswoman. She revealed thslat during the time she was dating him he forced himself to her and that was after he revealed the information of their intimacy at the Macg podcast show. The world was shocked as they were not ready for that.

He is the father of the award winning musician Kelly Khumalo son. After badmoouthing her, he ended up losing his business contracts including being fired by Moja Love. Recently what caught the attention of people is his beautiful heart after he was seen giving food to the less fortunate. A lot of people go to bed with empty stomachs and he saw it fit to help by giving them food. It proved that he has a good heart after all and that left people emotional. As a celebrity, he decided to humble himself and be kind to others. What is your take on this matter? Share your views on the comment section and follow for more.