Jub Jub faults Kelly Khumalo over breaking up with Amanda du-Pont

Jub Jub spills some jaw dropping stories about his ex-lovers, Kelly Khumalo and Amanda du-Pont while being interviewed on Podcast and Chill with Mac G.

The TV personality disclosed to be in a relationship with Amanda before dating the mother of his son.


What shocked South Africans was when he faulted Kelly for making him break up with the actress.

“When you look at it, growing up I was living a guy type of life, so when you look at me, you have Amanda Du Pont, and you have Kelly, the equation was not adding up. Do you understand what I’m saying? So there was no way that I would have gone for Kelly over Amanda,” then MacG and Sol Phenduka, the hosts agreed with him and they added, “In your sober mind.”

Jub’s revelation has made it to social media and it’s highly talked about as people expressed their thoughts about the issue.