Jub‐Jub Is Left Confused In #Uyajola99 After This Happened In #Uyajola99

Jub‐Jub Is Left Confused In #Uyajola99 After This Happened In #Uyajola99

Source: Hashtag #Uyajola99 twitter page and Dstv MojaLoveTv channel 167 6episode





Jub Jub is left confused with the latest episode of Uyajola99. A Lady wrote to him because she suspect that her boyfriend is having an affair. Her family doesn’t like the man and his cheating on her. The lady has the liver to embarrass herself on national tv after confirming that her children and her mother does not like the guy. She said if she found out that his cheating she will leave him for good.

This episode is was soo hectic as we deal with another coloureds as they don’t play around. #Uyajola99 is against the African culture, African men can’t even enjoy their polygamy without Jub Jub being noisy. When you messy with one coloured, then you messy with the whole family.

On this episode it was difficult to understand what are they fighting for. Because everyone seems bit confused and everyone is not joining the fight.

On the first episode we also got to meet a lady who also seed proof that her boyfriend is cheating. The sidechick made herself a laughing stock after she called the boyfriend. She was seen tell him to dump his main girl. The lady made herself a laughing after he told her that he cannot left his girlfriend for 5 years because of six months.

What like about women they always jump and beat one another instead of beating a man that is fooling them.