Joke went wrong, Makhadzi gets bullied

If there is one celebrity who has been bullied the most, such a celebrity is Makhadzi. She has been bullied because of her looks, something she can’t really change, i mean if everyone was to be given a chance to create themselves everyone would create the best version ever.






Makhadzi made a joke but many people did not get it right, as usual some people felt offended by her words and they ended up speaking bad about her. Makhadzi said, hello
fake people with fake eye lashes, fake nails, and fake hair thus pointing at her fake hair. Someone replied to Makhadzi’s joke in a video saying she must be joking because she knows those fake things enhance her looks and without them she doesn’t look beautiful. By so saying he gave haters a chance to bully her.

Makhadzi was just joking in the video because she was also pointing at her fake hair. She also put on fake nails and sometimes fake eye lashes. Makhadzi should learn that she cannot please everyone. It is true that people who hate you will always have something bad to talk about you. Makhadzi’s joke has been turned into something else and as always she suffer the consequences, i.e being bullied.