Jojo sees something he never expected, it is going down this week on #etvScandal

Scandal is the best soapie thus far. Keeping viewers glued to their screens with suspense and curiosity everyday.

This will just be a heartbreaking week for Jojo after seeing Winnie breastfeeding the baby. Viewers can’t wait to see Jojo’s reaction. Hopefully this time around he will believe his eyes not his lying wife.


Winnie knows that this is a secret but she choose not to lock the door when breastfeeding the baby. This shows how she doesn’t care if the secret comes out or not. She wants Jojo to herself now. Mbali told her that her and Jojo are in love again, she didn’t seem too pleased by that.

It is true when they say the truth has a funny way of coming out always.

Winnie has become pain in Mbali’s life. She agreed to this arrangement but it seems like she wants to ruin Mbali’s marriage. Mbali will end up losing her husband because of her lies.