Jojo Kubeka is offering a reward of R100 000 to any person

After Jojo found out that his son was kidnapped, he went to look for Martin because he suspected him. When he found him, Martin assured him that he did not take his child.


Jojo went home and called Nhlamulo. Nhlamulo told Jojo that he will make a plan and make sure that he gets his son back. He told Jojo to offer a reward to any person that knows where his son could be.

Winnie has not been coping with everything that was happening. Jojo told Winnie not to worry because he has a plan. He put out a poster of his baby and there was a reward at the bottom.

Tabea has not been cpping with the baby because he has been crying non-stop. She checked her phone and saw that Jojo was offering R100 000 reward for anyone who knew where his son was. Tabea texted Thabang so that he could come to her.