Jojo Is In Trouble As Winnie makes A Bold Move On Him. Here Is What He Will Do #etvScandal

Jojo Is In Trouble As Winnie makes A Bold Move On Him On #etvScandal





Winnie does not know when to stop. She is serious about Snatching her sister’s husband in etvScandal. In the next coming episode of etvScandal we are going to see Winnie making big move to Jojo.

It seems like our Winnie has found a way to thank Jojo for saving her life. She first call him her hero and now she want to do it proper. According to the video which is currently circulating in social media, Winnie is going to make a move for the first time to Jojo. Winnie is seen wearing a red nigh dress as she hold Jojo.

Winnie seems to have forgotten her place. Winnie’s friend Tabea is seen giving Winnie the worst advice. Her friend is the one who is encouraging her to make a move on Jojo. Apparently fan and views think that Taps is a bad influencer.

Apparently Winnie is not a baby as Jojo think she is. She knows what’s right or wrong for her. The same as she agreed on Mbali‚Äôs terms on sleeping with Jojo and give the baby to Mbali. She knew what she was getting herself into. Same as that advice she is getting from her friend. She knows what’s good or bad advice to take. Winnie is worse than Mbali, atleast Mbali did all she did to save her marriage. And Winnie is doing all to take her sister’s husband. Jojo will know she is a lose cannon and won’t fall for her tricks.

Winnie is doing this because she doesn’t know Jojo, he is a different guy with integrity who doesn’t forgive though. If it was another he probably would have hooked up with Winnie a long time ago.

What do think Jojo will do. What will be his reactions.