Jojo Follows Uncle Jakes And Gets The Of His Life. It Looks Like Mbali’s Days Are Numbered

Jojo Gets Shocked At What He Sees. Mbali’s Days Are Numbered

It is true when they say lies have short legs. Mbali’s web of lies has brought so much shame in her family. Everything about Mbali is fake. It’s only a matter of time before Mbali’s secret comes out of the closet. Jojo is in for the shock of his life the day he will discover Mbali’s lies.

Lies and secrets have destroyed so many relationships. If a person really loves their partner, lies and deception will be the last thing on their minds. Mbali was just ashamed of her home situation and decided to lie. Mbali’s relationship will be destroyed by her lies.


Mbali is not good for Jojo. She lied about her family’s background saying that her family is rich while they are not. She also lied about the fact that she can’t carry a baby full term. She then made him sleep with her little sister in order for her to be pregnant and Jojo was not aware of that because he was drunk. Mbali has been living a lie for a long time. Now it’s time for her to be exposed.

Tonight Jojo will follow uncle Makes and gets shocked at what he sees. Mbali’s days are numbered. It is time for her lies to be exposed. Evil only wins temporarily and the truth always comes out.