Jessica Nkosi Is The Luckiest Girlfriend Ever, You Will Not Believe What TK Dlamini Bought Her

Jessica Nkosi and her boyfriend, also father of her kid are slowly becoming couple goals. The two keep on giving us a sneak peek into their relationship and we really love.

It has been some time now since the pair began their relationship. The public got to know about their relationship only when Jessica was pregnant. One thing about Jessica and Tk they are very private when it comes to their relationship and their family. Unlike many other celebrities, they don’t show us every aspect of their lives,they only show us what they want us to know.



Jessica Nkosi must be really God’s favorite child for her to be blessed with a man that loves her this much. You will not believe what TK bought for Jessica. So Jessica took to her Instagram and shared that she had told TK that she wants a treadmill and guess what, Tk bought her one. What makes it even better is that he did not buy her the normal ones, he bought her treadmill with a YouTube screen. We are really happy for Jessica.