Jessica Nkosi experiences an allergy reaction to her face, living her distraught until fans helped.

In life people go through the most and when you don’t understand that, you become very judgemental. Instances many women apply makeup because they want to enhance their beauty and some it is because they want to hide their scars. They have reason and people shouldn’t judge them because they don’t understand.

Jessica Nkosi is one of the most beautiful and established actresses in the country. Her excellent work has seen her win Best villain at the SAFTAS last year. It was her first time playing the role of a villain and she nailed it. She played Thando on The Queen.






She’s worked with brand such as Volvo and LG. Jessica is beautiful and there’s no doubt about that. She’s shared that she has an Eczema which is normally around her neck. However today it was going to her face. She was having a bad day and her fans came through with suggesting she uses allergex she worked. Maybe her using making is part of hiding her Eczema.