Jessica Nkosi and Tk Dlamini spotted with rings on?

Did Jessica Nkosi and Tk Dlamini tie the knot as they are spotted with rings at the Durban July.

Jessica Nkosi and Tk Dlamini have been dating for a while now. The two share a beautiful daughter together. However the both choose to keep their relationship private after Jessica called TK out on Instagram for allegedly cheating.





Jessica Nkosi and Tk Dlamini attended the Durban July together in matching outfits. Jessica looked absolutely beautiful and she nailed the look. However there was a huge ring spotted on her finger where an engagement or wedding ring would typically be. Tk Dlamini was also spotted wearing a black ring on his engagement or wedding finger.

Now could this mean that the two has decided to tie the knot privately or they just so happen to both wear rings to the Durban July?

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