Jessica Nkosi and her baby daddy TK Dlamini wearing matching outfits by local designer.

Love will have you doing things that you would not regularly do. It is one of those intense feelings that come at you when you least expect it. It is a beautiful feeling and it has seen many people reach through their full potential.

Jessica Nkosi is a well known actress, television presenter and brand ambassador. She has presenter on Our perfect wedding, stared on Isibaya, Ayeye and The Queen. Her and her partner TK Dlamini have been living their lives privately. The couple has also been keeping their daughter Namisa to themselves. They are keeping her away from social media.




It is cute to see a couple in loves, especially the stage where they wear matching outfits. She shared cute pictures of them two of them dressed by local designer Fabrozans. They both look beautiful and compliment each other so well. It is good to see them supporting local businesses. They didn’t go wrong when it came to the outfits.