Jesse Lingard wants Uncle Waffles to play at his birthday party. What is going between the two?


Twitter news reporter Musa Khawula has revealed that former Manchester United player Jesse Lingard has asked South African DJ Uncle Waffles to play at his birthday party. This comes after Lingard made an Instagram story post where he said, “I need Uncle Waffles at my birthday party for real for real.”Image




Our very own Uncle Waffles has become a popular DJ around the world. Artist such as Drake and Burna have been given her shoutouts since the year started and now, she is getting the same attention from soccer players.
Would the two stars be a match for each other?

They would most definitely not be a match because Uncle Waffles has gigs all over the world and is unlikely to give up her career for a guy. Jesse on the other hand would be too busy with football. In a nutshell, the two would not be a match because they would be too busy for each other.


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