Jerry Mofokeng Drops A Bombshell on Secret Children

Jerry Mofokeng Drops A Bombshell on Secret Children

Date: 2022/04/06

Jerry Mofokeng is a famous actor born and raised in Soweto South Africa, he is one of the most talented actors we have seen in this country, he has deep pockets, and he used to work on Scandal on eTV, he was born in 1956.

There was a report that came out this morning and it said that parents of secret children should know their children, so they can be a part of that child’s life, also it is all up to the mother if they want to be involved with the father in that child’s life, if not it is all up to the family at the end of the day.



Five things to know about veteran actor

Mofokeng has played a lot of iconic roles a lot of women would be blessed to be in his presence he could be talking about something he might know because a child is a proof that you have been somewhere in life, it is plain and pure but the people in all these top places may sometimes choose to not involve the father because that is what they want to do at that particular moment in time.

Jerry Mofokeng knows that it is better for the son’s daughters to know the other side of their family members so they can understand the other side and what it means as that is how it should be.

Jerry might have dug his own grave in the acting world, a lot of women and ladies are sensitive when it comes to such issues, sometimes the father might have been abusive so she might have to figure out a way out of the situation which is detrimental to her physical well being to be able to keep her child alive and her self safe in all that is going on in the world.