Jammie was laid to rest last Thursday and his ex wife finally said something after she was silent.

Jammie Bartlett wife uncovers exceptional brought region up in Jamie Bartlett’s honor

Jamie Bartlett, the amazing Rhythm City entertainer, passed on too early, leaving a massive opening in his friends and family hearts.


Jamie kicked the bucket on May 23rd straightforwardly following having a cardiovascular breakdown, and on June second, he was surrendered in a mysterious burial organization at St George’s Cathedral in Cape Town.

On June 6, a public festival association was held at Zone 6 Venue in Soweto to respect his life and the effect he had on the performing area.

Jamie’s friends and family, obviously, will get the bits of his end for quite a while.

Rosa, the entertainer’s ideal accomplice and supervisor with whom he was having the hour of his passing, shared genuine photographs of an achievement she’d worked in his honor.

A changed fire with their picture on it and an edge with a piece of Bartlett’s photographs are coordinated with the favored spot.

Rosa tried to hold down tears as she talked about the adoration they shared during the acknowledgment organization lately.

She said: “I will continually review the day I met Jamie, it truly feels like yesterday. I commonly don’t go to a singular’s home on the essential date yet he figured out a viable method for persuading me to come to his home for a date.

I appeared and he was holding up in the point of convergence of the street for my vehicle, when my vehicle halted, he opened the entryway and held my hand. Around then I comprehended I had thought about the oneā€¦ I had tracked down affection.”

Rosa added that notwithstanding the way that Jamie’s passing has left her crushed, she was trying to figure out “God’s arrangement”.

“I’m enraged, I’m miserable, however I’m trying to comprehend there’s a defense for him any spot he is.

A piece of the house truly has a scent like him and its badly designed. I audit that morning Jamie passed, he let me in on he worshipped me and that he would never envision presence without me.