James From Muvhango Turns Himself Into A Laughing Stock

As good and bad fame could be, If you should take a rapid look at a lot of famous people, They never cease to stop looking out and trying some new stuff which going to get them more famous even when they know that it all going to come with certain sacrifices such as how one behave in public and that,Famous people just don’t seem to get enough of fame.



For a quick example, Look at Dingaan Mokebe James on Muvhango, The guy has been on our screens for over 2 decades in his acting career which means he’s one of the most famous people bay far but still, Being known from his acting never stopped him from trying out a musical career, What he did most recently is that with the Amapiano genre taking over the entire country by storm he tried to fit in and record a song as well, The song is called Ghabadiya listen to it at this link below.


Well with him being a famous person already this song of his has already reached to about ⅓ ears of the Mzansi’s population and the feedback they have on it is not pleasant at all.