Jacob Zuma’s Ex-Wife; LaConco Breaks Her Silence After The Death Of Siyacela’s Father.


The firmer Jacob Zuma’s ex-wife LaConco has finally spoken out after the death of Siyacela’s father in #IsencaneLengane. It’s been a months and the South African media personality LaConco is still left in shock after his death.

The South African media personality andnthe ex-wife of former president Jacob Zuma, LaConco recently took it to her social media, heartbroken and pour his heart with the suddenly death of Mr Dlamuka who was the father of Siyacela.




Witjcaotion: “I even cried while o was watching the funeral of Mr Dlamuka, I watched their show because of his character. May the heavens receive his hilarious soul” she wrote.

The polygamist Mr Dlamuka was a member of dstv MojaLoveTv show called Isencane Lengane. The show was been in tv from 2019 to 2020.

Many fans and viewers were left heartbroken. Mr Dlamuka has been the reason why many people were watching the show #IsencaneLengane. Mr Dlamuka married his son at the age of 16. It’s been few moths since his passing and people are still in shock that he is no longer alive. Many viewers have shows their mixed reactions in his death. The show will never be the same again and there might be no #IsencaneLengane without him.

Mzansi were so shocked to see that LaConco’s fans and followers have been following Siyacela and Thando in show. Many have been saying that without him Siyacela will know poverty after his father.

LaConco is one of few celebrities who also happen to be following the show. She said that she were watching the show because of his. Mr Dlamuka has proven that he was a the good loyal man who loved his family with all his hearts. He was able to won many hearts. while he was alive.

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