Ivy finds out who Paxton had been hiding inside his room

Nstwaki came knocking to Paxton’s room and she got inside with a window. She was very afraid of what Meikie might do to her. She actually doesn’t want to go back home because of what she has done at Capsys the other day.


Paxton came to her rescue by allowing her to sleep over. Now his mother came to his room without knocking and she found her inside the room. Now Paxton will have to explain what was Ntswaki doing. Paxton needs to tell the truth or Meikie and the family will never forgive forgive him. They will think that he is hiding Ntswaki on purpose.

One thing about Ntswaki she likes getting people in trouble always, she needs to be taken where she comes from. People keep on losing money because of her. She will never learn and Meikie keeps on forgiving her for it.