“I’ve been meaning to say this”, Kelly Khumalo Decided To Open Up, See Here

Now, there is obviously a lot that people want to hear from singer Kelly Khumalo and she has put herself in a position where she can be easily questioned by the public.

It all seems intentional because she could choose to get away from the negativity, but this is probably the last thing that she wants because there are benefits she gets as a result of the constant bashing on social media.

The media attention that Kelly gets does so much for her as a brand, her name is familiar to a lot of South Africans.

It really does seem like there is nothing like bad publicity for the singer, she knows how to work things out in a way that favours her.

She definitely cannot get used to the backlash, but she probably understands that this is her reality, unfortunately there is nothing she can do.





In case you missed it, she posted a video this morning and the first thing she says in the video is that, there is something she has been meaning to say.

One would swear that Kelly thinks through every sentence she is about to say because one would say that it is interesting for her to start off by saying that there is something she has been meaning to say.

She knows how people will likely react and at this point, we can conclude that she knows the right buttons to press whenever she wants to get her haters pissed.

And what she does is sometimes subtle, you might not even be able to tell if she did it intentionally or not, so people can force her to react sometimes, but that is pretty much all that they can do.

So, in the video, Kelly talks about people who are all about negativity and you might know that this came after the video she posted where she was complaining about an airline called FlyCermair.