It’s time to blow the whistle, says Kelly Khumalos sister

She might just be the witness Advocate Teffo is talking about

These are lyrics from a song but there’s definitely a reason why she quoted these lyrics, and I’m sure it has to do with Kelly’s case 🙆🏽‍♂️ ngapha I heard these 2 sisters don’t get along,

We might never know eyy. Because it’s been said they’re not seeing eye to eye. Now it’s these quotes. Are these from a song or? We’ll see on the next episode of dragon ball Z


As much as those are lyrics, she has a reason for quoting those specific ones. They both been sending Subtle messages through their music nje.

You know what I don’t like that whole Khumalo family and she’s the only one I never had an issue with

My intution must be right I guess😎she better do the right thing

If this is an actual song, then these ladies are very good at prophesying… scary & great