“It’s the way you look at him” fans gush over how Khuli Chana’s wife is looking at him.

It’s all in the way a partner looks at you. How they see you as their whole world. It is everything an more. Besides actions, one can tell from the look their partner gives them. Some people will look at you like their whole world ends with you.


Khuli Chana and Lamiez Holworthy have been married for a couple of years now. In those years it feels like they got married yesterday. Their love is so beautiful to watch. They complement each other so beautifully, it is safe to say they were made for each other. The couple only has one child whom Khuli came with from a previous relationship. They are currently on vacation in Dubai, having the time of their lives.

She shared amazing pictures of them. In one of the pictures she is looking at him directly in the eyes. She goes on to caption that she goes on to tell him that she’s thankful for all he does for her.