“It’s pay back time, Bushiri stole millions from us “, mzansi defends Makhadzi

There are accusations fuelling against Limpopo’s best artist Makhadzi AKA Ndivhudzannyi Raḽivhona. It is alleged that she stole the song change magear from a Malawian singer. Magear has been trending since the first clip went viral and people from different countries have been participating on a dance challenge.




A Facebook page identified as Mzansi Celebs also shared the news. Without hesitation, Makhadzi’s fans came to her rescue, irregardless of how true the matter is. They said Malawians must play their own magear and South Africans will also play their version of Magear. Makhadzi’s fans really love her and haters got no chance.

As fans were busy defending their Queen, Bushiri was brought into the picture. Fans think it’s pay back time because Bushiri also stole a lot from them while he was in South Africa. They said that Makhadzi did well, and she must keep stealing until we gather the millions that Bushiri stole. Many South Africans are still not happy about what Bushiri during his days did here in mzansi. See comments below