It’s About To Get Tough For Siyacela: Opinion

Isencane Lengane is a reality TV show plays on Mojalove, and has had a number of seasons. The show is about a young couple, who got married back in 2019 when they were still teenagers. At the time, the husband, Siyacela was 16 at and his wife, Thando was only 15.


Thando and Siyacela are now new parents to their little one. On previous seasons, viewers were able to see Siyacela’s father, Baba Dlamuka, who has been part of the show from day one. On this season, he could not be seen on the show, or he has not been seen yet.

On tonight’s episode, Siyacela went to talk to him, but he was not shown on camera. Siyacela said he was worried about his father’s health as it has gotten worse. It has now been reported that Bab’ Dlamuka is no more. May his soul rest in peace.