It was Sad to see MaCele Crying in her Meeting with Musa Mseleku

On the recent episode of Uthando Nesthembu, we saw that Musa Mseleku went to visit his wife MaCele to talk about his wanting to take a 5th wife. In the meeting, Musa brought up the conversation of the 5th wife to update MaCele.

Musa Mseleku started crying after saying that he feels like he is a powerless man because some of his wives are refusing to allow him to marry another wife. Now, he feels that he has failed MaCele because what he is about to do is going to hurt her more than the other wives.

Musa Mseleku then left after speaking to MaCele then MaCele also started crying. MaCele was crying because she does not want any of the wives to leave Musa Mseleku because of the introduction of the 5th wife, and also because Musa revealed to her that MaYeni and MaNgwabe knew each other before they got married.


In her diary session, MaCele said that she does not want anyone to leave, but those people that she does not want to leave are not helping Musa Mseleku.

On the other hand, she feels like she is not helping the situation by saying no wife is going to leave because it seems like Musa Mseleku has already made up his mind about the 5th wife, and the other wives keep threatening to leave if he does marry again.

In my opinion, I think MaCele was crying because she can see that Musa Mseleku is stuck between a rock and a hard place. If things were to go the way she wants, I am sure she would want peace and let Musa Mseleku marry a 5th wife and also not let the other wives leave the marriage.

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