It Looks Like Former President Jacob Zuma And LaConco Have Rekindled Their Relationship, See Photos

If there is one good thing that Nonkanyiso Conco did for herself was to join the cast of the TV reality show, The Real Housewives of Durban. This was the only way she was able to tell her story the only way she sees fit and she was able to drive the narrative the way she sees fit as well.

LaConco only started being LaConco now, at first she was just theee Nonkanyiso that got impregnated by the former president, Mr Jacob Zuma. Nonkanyiso has always been surrounded by controversy especially because she is so young compared to the former president, she is young enough to be her daughter hut she went ahead and got pregnant and even got engaged to him.




Unfortunately things did not work between them, Nonkanyiso did reveal this on the reality show that things did not work out.

But currently it looks like the former president and Nonkanyiso have rekindled their romance, I mean pictures of them happy and in love have been circulating, Nonkanyiso is even back to wearing her engagement ring again.