“It is too late for him” social media responds to Will Smith’s statements

The Smiths have always been seen as hollywood’s ‘golden couple’ but over the past few years there has been media attention that has shown that all is not well within their marriage. This media attention has included a confession from August Alsina exposing his relationship with Jada Pinkett-Smith to the latest media dragging that Jada has done to her husband during her media interviews. The most sensational revelation from Jada it can be said is the confession that she and Will have been separated since 2016.


There has been much suspense over what Will Smith’s reactions will be to his wife airing their dirty laundry during media interviews. The response from the actor according to ENews was in true Will Smith fashion. This was a short clip where before giving his opinion he sneezes.

This was basically a comment on the many opinions that have been shared on his marriage. Will Smith did not stop there. The actor then went on to praise his wife’s memoir, Worthy, by stating that it has opened his eyes to some information that he did not know about his wife despite being married for a large number of years. which according to reviews is an account of self-reflection from the actress and mother of two.

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It is no lie that Jada is not the most popular celebrity on the internet right now. It seems that in the light of his expression of his devotion towards his wife, Will Smith will be following in her footsteps soon.

Social media users have gone on to say that ‘he can’t be saved if he does not want to be saved’. There has been many uses of the word ‘toxic’ to describe the marriage between the two. This has resulted in the team that was behind Will Smith becoming smaller and smaller.